Еco-friendly eggs from Angelov Ltd.

Company ET Angelov produce FREE RANGE and BARN eggs. The largest producer on Balkans of free range eggs with KAT certificate.

We are a family company, oriented in the alternative ways to produce eggs. We care for animal welfare and therefore do not produce cage eggs but free range and barn eggs. Furthermore we are KAT (control for alternative technologies) certified which can assure you of our quality and humanitarian ways of caring for our layers.

We are experienced with export to many european countries with high standards such as Germany, Switzerland, France ect. As well as supplying the big supermarket chains on the Bulgarian market. We're also suppliers to biggest Bulgarian hypermarket chains: METRO, Carrefour, BILLA, Hit, Picadilly, Fantastico and others.

We have tree farms, a center for growing layers and a packing station. The capacity of the farms and the speed of procecing, sorting and the packing of the eggs allows a fast expedition of a truck in 2-3 days. This is a garentee of freshness and quality of the eggs we offer.

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