About Us

Angelov Ltd. is established in 1992. Our First Poultry Farm for Egg Production of Free Hens is inaugurated in 1996 in the town of Peshtera - ecologically clear region at the foot of the Rodopi Mountain. It's the first farm of its kind in Bulgaria.

Now the farms capacity is 65400 barn and 102500 free range.

Our eggs are top quality because since June 1, 1998 vegetal products only are used for the poultry nutrition. Absence of carcass and fish meal in the ration is guaranteed - on August 23, 2001 we launched our own feed mill. The eggs are also being sorted by MOBA sorting machine - make 2009, which fully automatically removes dirty and cracked eggs and print on each egg the number of farm.

The farms' equipment is being made by leading European manufactuers of alternative hen breeding technologies.

Our farm is a family farm and we hold all certificates, required in Bulgaria and EU, incl. the European KAT certificate.

The company exports 80% of the production. We export to Austria, Belgium, Greece, Germany, Italy, France, Holland, Switzerland, UK and other countries.

Since 2012 our company was equipped with new system named voliere for growing hens. The birds are living there free from first day until 17-18 weeks of their life after that have to be moved to building with nests. The purpose of this equipment is to breed chickens in an environment closer to natural.